kop Neukmachine

The Fuckmachine

This advanced sex simulator is especially designed to give you pleasure for the rest of your life! Who needs a partner if you own the FuckMachine ! This great sex robot is an exciting sexual tool for men and women.

Experience orgasmic penetration the way you want it! Constructed of firm, anti-stress plastic, the powerfull engine within the FuckMachine will give you the ride of your life. From slow stroking movements to deep and powerfull penetrating movements, the FuckMachine can handle everyone and everything!

Plenty of options

Whatever you want it to do, the FuckMachine is designed to stroke, thrust, vibrate or pulsate to fulfill all your needs. Easy to control with 5 adjustable vibration speeds and pulsating massage programs; Forplay, tease, puls, vibration and climax.

Easily adjustable

The Fuckmachine is easy to use and fully adjustable for your desired position within a 90 degree radius. With a few simple actions you will enjoy the desired position. From vertical to horizontal.

With the expandable grip it is easy to move teh Fuckmachine around, and the grip will also assist you with a diversity of sexual positions you can experiment with.


The FuckMachine is standard deliverd with six different accessories. Three accessories are connected to the machine with an easy to use screw-on system. The other three accessories are connected with a plug. You will not need any batteries! All of the accessories work with the five different vibration levels.

Adjustable angle

The Fuckmachine is with a turnswitch easily adjustable to work at angles from 0 degrees (horizontal) to 90 degrees (vertical). With this advantage you can adjust the machine to the perfect position that will give you an exciting experience!

Also for men

This machine is also ideal for men! One of the accessories is espesially constructed for men. It is called the “Passion Stroker for him”. This accesorie has a soft silicon material interior that will stimulate you for a very long time.

Experience a unique sexual experience with this FuckMachine. The Fuckmachine is not expensive when you realise what you get!
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